Care Connection needs volunteers to lead wellness sessions in Nevada

Date: October 5, 2015 | Category: News

Do you want to learn more about a chronic medical condition, or do you need some motivation to get moving? Consider becoming a volunteer leader for one of Care Connection for Aging Services’ fitness and wellness programs offered at the Vernon County Senior Center.
The center needs volunteers of all ages who are willing to lead wellness and fitness programs, said Lifestyles Specialist Vickie Whitsitt.
Volunteers need not come with any special knowledge or background, she said. Care Connection provides training so that volunteers can lead others in simple, effective physical fitness exercises or workshops.
Volunteers will gain valuable information they may be able to use for themselves or loved ones, Whitsitt said.
“We need volunteers who want to help others lead a better life,” said Vernon County Senior Center Coordinator Mike Parson. “You gain as much as the ones you are helping. You all learn from each other.”
When a volunteer signs up to lead an exercise program, he or she will learn in a safe, comfortable environment. With volunteer help, the Senior Center can offer programs that will benefit older adults.
Volunteers may choose from several programs, including:
 The Matter of Balance Program, which emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels. Participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable; set realistic goals to increase activity; change their environment to reduce fall risk factors; and exercise to increase strength and balance.
 The PEPPI (or Peer Exercise Program Promotes Independence), an exercise program that is designed especially for older adults and safe for most people. It involves stretching, strength training, balance and walking. The PEPPI is appropriate for inactive older adults, beginners, intermediates, those with chronic diseases or conditions, and people who use walkers, canes or wheelchairs. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, and improves the ability to function and stay independent.
 Diabetes and Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs, two six-week courses to help people with Type 2 diabetes or other chronic diseases such as heart disease. Participants learn to deal with the symptoms, to exercise, to eat healthy, to take their medications, and to work with their care providers. They also learn how to evaluate new treatments, make the right decisions for themselves, and talk with family and friends about the chronic conditions.
If you are interested in becoming a Care Connection lifestyles volunteer, call Whitsitt at 1-800-748-7826 or Mike Parson at the Senior Center, 417-667-5847.
Care Connection for Aging Services is an area agency on aging Care Connection that provides services and resources to empower people to create healthy aging experiences. The agency serves 13 West Central Missouri counties, including Carroll, Chariton, Lafayette, Saline, Johnson, Pettis, Henry, Benton, Bates, Vernon, St. Clair, Hickory, and Cedar.