Proper nutrition can keep you in balance

Date: December 2, 2016 | Category: News

Care Connection for Aging Services Nutritionist Eric Messer reminds seniors that a nutritious diet may provide balance in more than one way.
He provides these nutrition tips to prevent falls:
–Stay hydrated. Drink small drinks throughout the day rather than gulping large glasses of water. Five 8-ounce glasses a day is a good start. Coffee, tea, alcohol and protein drinks all have diuretic effects; thus they don’t count. Milk, fruit and fruit juices have high water content. If you stay hydrated, you are less likely to get dizzy and fall.
–Eat and drink dairy. Dairy products are packed with calcium; many are fortified with Vitamin D.
–Eat regular meals.Keep track of your blood sugar.
–Make sure your diet has enough protein. Most older adults fail to consume the amount of protein they need in a day. The lack of protein (as well as decreased exercise) can lead to a loss of muscle and increased risk of falls.
–Don’t forget the D. Check with your doctor about whether you need a supplement of Vitamin D, which can help build muscle. The best sources are through foods and sunshine.
–Check out the meals at Care Connection for Aging Services senior centers. All our meals are especially devised to ensure that they provide the proper nutrients for the seniors 60 and older who dine at the center or receive home-delivered meals.
–To learn more about lunches at the centers, or click here to see our centers.