Mission Moment: Team work helps frail, elderly resident

Date: November 15, 2018 | Category: News

We at Care Connection enjoy taking a moment to reflect on the ways in which we meet our mission. We look at times when our team members get the joy and satisfaction of helping the older adults we serve. We call them Mission Moments, and we have decide to begin sharing them with you all.
This one comes from Regional Ombudsman Director Kathy Ray-Smith, whose job is to make sure that residents of long-term care have their rights protected:
She recently received a call from a social worker in Wyoming regarding vulnerable, frail elderly man who had been left at the hospital in that state. The man had been traveling all over the country. He got sick, and his friend dropped him off at the hospital and left him there. He had no insurance.
The man told the social worker he wanted to return to Chariton County because he had lived in Mendon, but he had no funds to travel. The hospital was willing to transport him if he could find a long-term care home in Chariton County. Kathy gave the social worker information on a Brunswick nursing home.
Chariton County Care Manager Robyn Kistler was instrumental in getting the Wyoming hospital the paperwork to get the man’s Medicaid started in Missouri. That’s one reason the nursing home was willing to accept him. Kathy has since received reports the man is safe, sound and happy in a Chariton County nursing home.
This is a great example of two team members from different Care Connection programs working together to solve a dilemma. The man is in a Brunswick nursing home. His deepest wishes were answered.