Meet Jessie Givens, new Head Cook in Salisbury

Date: February 1, 2019 | Category: News

Jessie Givens was named Head Cook in Salisbury in December 2018. Jessie began working as a substitute cook, custodian and home delivered meal driver for Salisbury in 2017 and continues as custodian as she settles into the head cook role.
“I love the job that I am doing because I can see the smiles on people’s faces when they get a good cooked meal that is nutritious,” Jessie said. “I also love the job because I love to help people out in any way that I possibly can. This job gives me the opportunity to do so in many ways. Knowing people are getting to eat a healthy meal either at the center or at home makes my heart full. I love everyone I work with and have met as well.”
Jessie said she hopes to be responsive to the preferences of the participants in Salisbury, where the number of people having lunch in the dining room has increased since she became head cook.
“My goals are to try and give everyone the meals they like and deserve by cooking meals they suggest or that may be different than what they can get somewhere else,” she said. “I also would like to try and get out more information about the different things Care Connection has to offer.”
Jessie moved from Oklahoma to Marceline, Mo., when she was 12. She graduated from Marceline High School in 1999.
Her husband, Dennis, is a fixture at the center.
“He loves volunteering, helping deliver meals, doing dishes, cleaning and also, he is just a handy man,” she said.
Jessie has two daughters, Alysa, 18, and Nadily, 14, a high school freshman who enjoys FFA. Her son, Austin, is in kindergarten, and loves to play with Transformers and Legos.
“Whenever I am not at work, I like to go to the park and different places with my family,” Jessie said.
“I also like to draw.”
Jessie also has a soft place in her heart for animals.
“I also have a Chi (dog) named Izzy I’ve had for 14years, another Chi (dog) that I’ve had for four years. I have two turtles, six goldfish and two hamsters. I love rescuing and just plain love animals.” Also part of the family are three cats, Salvador Perez, Sally, and Bob.