As winter weather approaches, here are some tips to consider

Date: December 30, 2020 | Category: News

As the first major winter storm bears down on parts of our area, we want to share these reminders from the American Red Cross:

Planning for a winter storm
Develop a family disaster plan specifically for winter storms
Understand the hazards of wind chill
Service snow removal equipment before it is needed
Keep car gas tank full
Discuss with your family what to do in the event of a winter storm WATCH or WARNING
Make sure your car kit is stocked and ready

How to protect your property
Check home for proper insulation and add more if needed
Install storm windows or cover with plastic from the inside
Keep pipes from freezing – open your cabinet doors a bit a leave a trickle of water running
Be sure smoke alarms are working
Keep on hand safe emergency heating equipment

What to do before a winter storm
Have a weather radio with a tone-alert feature to stay informed of watches or warnings
Know where emergency shelters are in case of power or heat loss
Ensure you have plenty of shelf stable food on hand for up to 3 days
Understand how you will prepare food if the power is out
Have plenty of bottled water on hand
Move animals to sheltered areas
Avoid unnecessary travel

What to do during a winter storm
Stay indoors and dress warmly
Listen to radio or TV for updated emergency information
Eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids
Conserve fuel
If you must go outside:
Wear layered clothing including hat and gloves
Cover mouth to protect lungs from bitterly cold air
Watch for signs of hypothermia and frostbite
Keep dry
Stretch before you go out
Avoid overexertion
Walk carefully on snowy or icy sidewalks

Winter Driving
Winterize your car before storms come
Keep a charged cell phone with you when driving
Keep an ice scraper and disaster supply kit in the car
Keep gas tank full
Plan long trips carefully
Leave travel plans with a neighbor or family member–destination, route and expected time of arrival
Watch weather conditions carefully

If you get stuck
If you have a cell phone, use it immediately, describe your location
Stay with the vehicle, if you’re in traffic lanes use flashers
Hang something bright on antenna
Occasionally run engine to keep warm
Leave overhead light on when engine is running so you can be seen
Do minor exercises to keep up circulation
Take turns sleeping if more than one person in car
Huddle together for warmth
Use anything available to cover up to conserve body heat
Crack window away from the wind
Watch for signs of frostbite or hypothermia

What to do after a storm
Continue listening to radio or TV for updated information and instructions
Check on neighbors
Notify family that you are OK (or not)
Avoid driving until conditions have improved
Avoid overexertion
If conditions are favorable, go outside and have fun!