Be counted during 2020

Date: January 9, 2020 | Category: News

The year is 2020, and it soon will be time for you to stand up and be counted.
The 2020 Census will take place beginning in April 1, and Care Connection is joining a nationwide effort to encourage participation.
Why is it so important to be counted? Because Missouri’s share of the federal program budget depends on an accurate count of the people who live here. In the 2016 federal fiscal year, the Show-Me State received $16.5 billion from programs that provide Medicaid, supplemental nutrition, highways, housing, school lunches and children’s health insurance.
The Missouri Health Foundation estimates that the state will lose $1,300 per person annually for the next 10 years for every adult and child who goes uncounted. The people and the need for the services will still be here, but the money intended to pay for services will not.
Every single person counted in Missouri means more money for hospitals, roads, and schools. The programs operated by Care Connection receive federal Older Americans Act funding through state allocations, as well as federal grants for roughly half of its funding. Those funding agencies depend on an accurate Census count to provide that funding.
There are three ways to participate in the Census: on the phone, online or by the mail. Care Connection is working on some ways that our staff members and volunteers can help older adults complete the Census process, so watch for special information and events this winter and spring.
Federal law requires participation in the Census, which also is used to determine representation in Congress.
So, when the time comes, stand up and be counted.