Care Connection kitchen staff members become ServSafe certified

Date: November 4, 2019 | Category: News

Care Connection has adopted the food safety practices of the National Restaurant Association in kitchens throughout its 13-county West Central Missouri area.
The head cooks and assistants in all the agency’s kitchens are undergoing training and certification by ServSafe, a nationally recognized food safety and sanitation program administered by the National Restaurant Association.
In all, 35 Care Connection employees have ServSafe certifications, with plans to systematically train all the kitchen staff, according to Diana Hoemann, Executive Director of the area agency on aging. Care Connection’s kitchens annually produce more than 500,000 meals for consumption in senior center dining rooms and delivered to homebound seniors.
“The training is important to providing high-quality nutritious meals to our customers,” said Care Connection Nutritionist Eric Messer. “We use this to train our staff on the importance of safe food handling procedures as well as safe cooking and holding temperatures. ServSafe goes more in depth in the handing and sanitation procedures than a standard food handler’s class.”
The course requires four hours of lecture about food safety rules and a certification examination.
Here is a list (by county) of Care Connection employees certified by ServSafe:
Bates: Rita Lowe, Head Cook, Butler
Sandra Reynolds, Assistant Cook, Butler
Rosa Engeldorf , Assistant Cook, Butler
Benton: Heather Redburn, Head Cook, Warsaw
Janis Garren, Assistant Cook/Center Coordinator, Cole Camp
Nancy Todd, Assistant Cook, Warsaw
Crystal Penny, Assistant Cook, Warsaw
Heather Roades, Assistant Cook, Warsaw
Cedar: LeighAnne Watters, Head Cook, Stockton
Phyllis Johnson, Assistant Cook, Stockton
Victor Chavarria, Head Cook, El Dorado Springs
Kathryn Blevins, Assistant Cook, El Dorado Springs
Chariton: Jessica Givens, Head Cook, Salisbury
Henry: Debbie McGlade, Head Cook, Clinton
Carrie Memphis, Center Coordinator, Windsor
Carolyn Baker, Assistant Cook, Clinton
Billie Dietrich, Assistant Cook, Clinton
Hickory: Donnita Stanley, Head Cook/Center Coordinator, Wheatland
Vicki Baker, Assistant Cook, Wheatland
Johnson: Eric Messer, Nutritionist, Warrensburg Central Office
Joyce Lagud, Head Cook/Center Coordinator, Holden
Sally Hart, Assistant Cook, Warrensburg
Lafayette: Judy Latty, Head Cook, Concordia
Alretta Wright, Head Cook, Higginsville
Julia Hawkins, Center Coordinator, Higginsville
Carol McGinnis, Head Cook, Lexington
Debbie Cohron, Head Cook, Odessa
Pettis: Machele Thierfelder, Head Cook/Center Coordinator, Sedalia
Phyllis Mootz, Assistant Cook, Sedalia
Carolyn Rinker, Assistant Cook, Sedalia
Saline: Shae Sullivan, Head Cook, Marshall
Susan Dyke, Assistant Cook, Marshall
St. Clair: Terrie Hudgens, Head Cook, Osceola
Rebecca Smith, Substitute Assistant Cook, Osceola
Vernon: Heather Greer, Head Cook, Nevada