Volunteer opportunities have been limited by COVID-19, but our senior centers will provide many volunteer opportunities when they reopen when conditions are safe to do so. Our senior center volunteer programs allow volunteers to find meaningful ways to help people in their communities by providing the many varied services that keep us going. When they are open for in-person services, each of our 21 senior centers relies on volunteers for day-to-day operations and to provide transportation, education, fundraising, fitness, wellness and recreation programs.

There are senior center volunteer opportunities in our Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program, the Ombudsmen Program, the Missouri SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol) and through RSVP in six counties (Benton, Cedar, Henry, Hickory, Johnson and St. Clair). Click here to learn more about RSVP.

Volunteer Opportunities In Our Centers

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Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Setting up and maintaining the beverage station.
  • Serving as hosts in the dining room.
  • Packaging meals for home delivery.
  • Counting daily meal contributions.
  • Making bank deposits.
  • Delivering hot and frozen meals to at-risk seniors in their own homes.
  • Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.
  • Serving lunch.
senior center volunteer opportunities

Physical Exercise Instructors

Our lifestyles specialist can train you to lead exercise programs targeted specifically to seniors, people with limited mobility, or those living with arthritis. You need not be a fitness buff, and leading these courses could give you the motivation and discipline to improve your own fitness.

Program Assistants and Receptionists

If you like to meet and greet people, consider volunteering at a center as a receptionist. If you have a particular interest in one of our programs (such as the Senior Medicare Patrol, Medicare counseling, nursing home ombudsman, tax counseling, arts and crafts or something else), we can always use volunteers.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Leaders

For sessions on a variety of chronic disease ailments including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Matter of Balance Falls Prevention Instructors

To help participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable; set realistic goals to increase activity; change their environment to reduce fall risk factors; and exercise to increase strength and balance.

Silver-Haired Legislators

Fifteen individuals have the opportunity to serve as the West Central Missouri delegation to the Silver-Haired Legislature. As part of that group, you can advocate for seniors while the Missouri Legislature is in session. The West Central delegation meets to determine the five most important legislative priorities in this area and then joins the larger Silver-Haired Legislature in October to determine the five statewide priorities. The Silver-Haired Legislature aims to keep the priorities of older Missourians at the forefront of Missouri’s lawmakers’ decision making. If you are interested in representing your county, call 1-800-748-7826 or email information@goaging.org.


If you enjoy getting out and about, the volunteer Provide-A-Ride (PAR) program may be for you. As a volunteer, you provide rides for older individuals who need to attend medical appointments or therapy sessions. The program is operated through the senior centers.

Home-Delivered Meal Drivers

This volunteer job offers you the chance to make a difference in the lives of the frail elderly as you deliver hot luncheon meals weekdays. The delivery also gives you a chance to check in on homebound elderly people to make sure they are all right. You may be the only person they see in a day. Call your senior center to find out what times and days are available.

SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol) Volunteers

This program offers the chance to become part of a the statewide network that empowers and assists Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to prevent, detect, and report healthcare fraud, errors, and abuse through outreach, counseling, and education. To find out more, visit the website at http://missourismp.org or call (888)515-6565.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Volunteers

This program offers the chance to become part of a statewide network of individuals who help residents in  long-term care facilities maintain and improve their quality of life by helping ensure their rights are preserved and respected . Visit https://youtu.be/312BtWR9eOoI to see a video about the program.If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, call 1-800-748-7826,  email information@goaging.org.