We give people a place where they can find help and support as they live independently and cope with life’s challenges. Care Managers cover 13 counties and generally are headquartered at the senior centers. To connect with a senior care manager, contact a senior center near you, call us at 1-800-748-7826, or email information@goaging.org.

Senior care managers are trained to:

  • Evaluate individual situations and help people find information and services.
  • Offer information on how to remain at home and also how to plan for the long term.
  • Assess people’s needs and offer safety tips.
  • Connect qualified individuals with meals, medical care, transportation and financial help.
  • Conduct Medicare/Medicaid counseling, including an evaluation of what extra financial help may be available from the federal and state governments.
  • Connect eligible seniors and loved ones with senior care including housekeeping, personal care, telephone reassurance and friendly visiting.
  • Tell you about services and resources you may not know exist.
  • Empower seniors to live independently for as long as they are able and want to do so.

Information and Referral/Assistance

We try to bring people and services together. When individuals, families and communities have questions on human services resources and services, we’re here with the answers.